The Orthodox Anglican Church (USA) is the member body of the Orthodox Anglican Communion, a world-wide Anglican body.

The Orthodox Anglican Communion (worldwide) Churches

United States of America: The Orthodox Anglican Church (USA)

Bishop-elect: The Revd Canon T. Creighton Jones

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Brasil: Igreja Anglicana Ortodoxa do Brasil

The Orthodox Anglican Church of Brasil is the newest member of the Orthodox Anglican Communion. The Church’s first diocese is the Diocese of Recife. The Cathedral church is the Cathedral of St Paul, Recife, Brasil.

Presiding Bishop:The Right Revd Dr Celio Franca Spinelli

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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Eglise Orthodoxe Anglicane Episcopale du Congo

The Eglise Orthodoxe Anglicane Episcopale du Congo entered the Communion in 1988. It comprises twenty-eight parishes and 3450 members.

Bishop:The Right Reverend Alphonse Mfika

Locations:Lumbumbashi and Katanga Province, Congo

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Ghana: The Orthodox Anglican Church of Ghana, West Africa

The Orthodox Anglican Church of Ghana, West Africa was officially inaugurated in 2007. The Church’s first diocese is the Diocese of Saints Peter and Paul, The Apostles. The Cathedral church is the Church of the Resurrection, Sekondi, Ghana.

Archbishop:The Most Revd Dr Jacob Welbourne

Locations:Sekondi and Accra, Ghana

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Honduras: The Orthodox Anglican Missionary Diocese of Honduras

Currently based in Miami, Florida, The Orthodox Anglican Mission to Honduras will provide Prayer Book worship in the Spanish language for Honduran natives. One hundred and fifty-two acres have been purchased for the construction of a church and rectory.

Deacon:The Reverend Dn. Steve Clifford

Location:Miami, Florida

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India: The Orthodox Anglican Church of India

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Kenya: The Saint Meshack’s Fellowship Church

In 1957, the Holy Trinity Church in Africa was formed due to doctrinal disagreements with the Anglican Communion. In 1979, Joshua A. Gawo, head of the Holy Trinity Church, applied for admission to the Orthodox Anglican Communion. On February 21, 1982, Gawo was consecrated to the Episcopate and the St Meshack’s Fellowship Church, Diocese of Masogo of the Orthodox Anglican Communion was formed. The Rt. Reverend Hesbon O. Nejera succeeded Gawo as National Presiding Bishop on April 10, 1986. The Church uses a 1928 U.S. edition of the Book of Common Prayer, translated to the native tongue, under the authority and supervision of the Communion. Currently the Church has 10,000 members, seventy-five parishes, five deacons, and fourteen priests.

National Presiding Bishop:The Rt. Reverend Hesbon O. Nejera

Location:Kisumu, Kenya, East Africa

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Latin America: La Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana

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Latvia: Baznic Latviski

Madagascar: Fiangonana Episkopaly Ortodoksa Eto Madagasikara (The Episcopal Orthodox Church of Madagascar)

Christians in Madagascar were some of the first to join the Orthodox Anglican Communion. Originally named Fiangonana Apostolika Eto Madagasikara (The Apostolic Church of Madagascar), the Church has been revived, blessed with new leadership, and officially reincorporated under its new name on November 4, AD 2004. The Church’s work proceeds from Antananarivo, the nation’s capital.

 On Sunday, August 23, AD 2009, Andriamialison Sabin David was conscecrated a Bishop for the Church in Madagascar. The consecration was held in Kisumu, Kenya, East Africa, with five bishops participating.

 Vicar General: The Right Revd Andriamialison Sabin David

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Mexico: There are two recognized groups in Mexico:

Iglesia Anglicana Latina de Mexico

The Missionary Diocese of Chihuahua:  The Missionary Diocese of Mexico is responsible for evangelism and church planting among the Tarahumara Indians of Chihuahua, Mexico. Numbering between seventy and eighty thousand, the Tarahumara Indians are the most primitive tribe in North America. Most live in one-room huts with dirt floors that are smaller than the average American bathroom. Many still live in caves. Their life expectancy is only in the late 40′s and their infant mortality rate runs from 30% to 40%.

In addition to tending to their spiritual needs, the Missionary Diocese of Mexico provides, when possible, for physical necessities of such as food, clothing, and fertilizer. This is a difficult task due to the rugged terrain of the Sierra Madres. Many villages are inaccessible, even to a four-wheel drive, and can only be reached on foot following several hours of hiking.

Missionary Bishop:The Rt. Reverend Thomas Shank

Location:Huachuca City, Arizona

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Nigeria: The Gospel Anglican Church International

The Gospel Anglican Church represents a large congregation of believing Anglicans who have recognized their biblical obligation to preserve the faith of our fathers and our commitment to the Gospel of Christ in all of its truth. While we have our beginning from Nigeria, our mission is global. The thrust of our struggle is the liberty of the spirit endowed by the scriptures and guaranteed by the fathers of the Church.

Archbishop of Nigeria and Bishop of LAGOS: Most Rev Dr Chukwuereka Iheanachor

Venezuela: Iglesia Catolica Reformada de Venezuela